Gold Wedding Rings

The brides and grooms exchange wedding rings on the day of matrimony while taking marriage vows. This is because many individuals consider this as a way of expressing love, trust, promise, and companionship. The wedding ring is generally worn on ring finger of the left hand. A wedding ring is different from an engagement ring and may be made of gold, platinum, titanium, and even white gold.
Individuals largely go for gold rings, as this material is known for its durability. Materials like copper and brass are not used very often as they lack durability and have a tendency to deteriorate.
Gold is available in both yellow as well as in form of white gold. Research has indicated that white gold is gaining popularity, because it is a bit cheaper than real gold and is the apt substitute as compared to any other material. The only drawback is that white gold wedding rings are only available in 14 k or 18 k styles.
Couples can also opt for mixture of two or more alloys along with gold to create a special and inexpensive wedding ring. Gold can be combined with platinum and studded with a diamond on the top. Some individuals also prefer stylish engraved wedding rings that are made out of gold. The engravings could be either the family's name or the name of the bride's and groom's. They also may contain certain words articulating the thoughts and feelings of the giver. Such engraved wedding rings often become family heirlooms and are passed on to the future generations, hence, should be carefully handled. Wedding rings should be cleaned regularly with a soap and water solution to keep them sparkling clean all the time.
Many online retailers display beautiful gold design wedding rings for the viewers, so they can have a look at all the varieties available with the seller and determine whether the seller permits made-to-order rings. A small description of the material with its weight, make and name of additional metal, if any, is also mentioned along with its picture.
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Diamond Wedding Rings - How to Select the Best

Diamond wedding rings are always very popular - they are beautiful and classic. And choosing the right diamond ring for your wedding is a very important matter because this is something you do only once in your lifetime. We all know that not all diamonds are the same, but how exactly do you pick the best one? There are several things you need to know before you go and buy your diamond wedding ring.
here are many styles of diamond rings available. Bear in mind that you will wear that ring for many years, so choose classic, timeless styles. Your wedding ring is a sign of your feelings to your partner, so it should be as unique, beautiful and durable as your love. No matter what style of ring you will choose, the diamond will be the center of attention in your ring. So basically choosing the right wedding ring comes to choosing the right diamond.
Characteristics of diamonds
Diamonds are greatly varied in price and quality. And the size is not the only thing that affects your gem price; in fact there are five main characteristics:
- Weight in carats
- Color
- Clarity
- Cut
- Diamonds shape
Carats - your wedding ring diamond weight
Most people know that the more carats the better. Larger diamonds are more rare and more valuable. However, don't try to get the largest stone you can afford. Sometimes smaller diamonds have more charm. Don't just look at the gems market value, but think of how valuable it is to you.
Diamond color
Most diamonds are clear, but still there are variations in color. Some stones look a little "dirty". Clear stones obviously cost more. Color of your diamonds is indicated by letters. D is the color of most rare diamonds and it is described as absolutely colorless. This is the highest color grade, and you usually don't find such stones in ordinary jewelers. Next one down is E grade, it is called colorless. These diamonds are also very rare, the tiny traces of color can be detected by experts. F is another colorless grade, only slightly less clear than E. F diamonds are usually the best of what most people can afford for a wedding or engagement ring. Next two down are G and H diamonds which are called nearly colorless; they are of a good market value.
Bear in mind, that the difference in diamond grades can mostly be noticed by the experts when comparing diamonds to the more clear ones. To the ordinary person a G or H diamond will look as good as D or E diamonds. Compare diamonds of different color yourself and you will see how minor the difference is.
Diamond clarity
Clarity of your diamond is related to its color. Clarity describes how clear the diamond is. No diamond is absolutely perfectly clear, but the ones close to perfection are the most valuable. When light hits them they are unbelievably beautiful. Don't be surprised to find that smaller diamond with higher clarity can cost more that a larger not so clear stone.
Diamond cut
You diamond's cut is greatly important and affects your ring look. Even most clear large diamond will not sparkle if it is not cut properly. The cut refers to diamond proportions, not its shape as many people mistakenly think. The cut should be just right, because if your diamond is too shallow or too deep, it will not catch the light properly and won't sparkle. Since you are not a professional, it would be difficult for you to judge cut by yourself. You will have to trust a jeweler on this. But just by looking at the stone sometimes you can say if the cut is good. If you really like the look, chances are good that your diamond is cut right.
Diamond shape
Another important characteristic of a diamond is its shape. Most popular are round and princess shaped diamonds. You can also find emerald, asscher, oval, marquise, pear, radiant, cushion and heart shaped diamonds. This is not a question of what is better or worse, but a matter of personal preference. Look at different shapes and see what appeals to you the most. Selecting the right diamond for your ring can be extremely difficult, especially that jewelers will try to convince you to go with most expensive gems that may not actually be the best for you.
Find more tips and advice on how to select your diamond wedding ring at Wedding Ring Guide . We provide unbiased information about wedding ring materials, styles and precious stones.
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Wedding Ring Buying Tips - To Have and To Hold

Exchanging "I do's" and kissing the bride are undoubtedly popular moments in every wedding. But of no less importance is the moment when the groom places a wedding ring on the finger of his bride, and vice versa. This symbolizes the binding of two hearts in the circle of a new life together. Here, we'll take a look at a few wedding ring buying tips to help prepare for that most special moment.
Tradition holds that the man buys the ring for his bride and the bride for her groom. This custom is still popular today, with a large number of men being especially lavish when it comes to giving wedding rings. Witness a few celebrity examples: a Fred Leighton ten-carat marquis-cut ring Michael Douglas gave to Catherine Zeta-Jones, the five-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring Kate Hudson received from Chris Robinson, and the Neil Lane diamond ring Madonna got from husband Guy Ritchie. Of course, the majority of men don't have the means to buy rings worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean that they won't be able to find just the right ring.
Many couples go shopping together for their wedding nowadays, and that's a good idea. However, many of them make the mistake of adjusting their budgets to accommodate the price of the rings. It should be the other way around. Shop for the most attractive and suitable rings that fit comfortably within your budget. Buying smart doesn't automatically mean buying expensive.
The metal used for the ring will affect its price. Yellow gold of 14-18 karats remain the most popular option, unadorned or only with the barest of designs. White gold is also a popular choice for wedding bands. Titanium rings, although more expensive, are gaining a reputation among men because of its toughness, durability and light weight. The same thing goes for platinum rings. Many couples opt to embellish their rings with gemstones of one kind of another; not only for their beauty, but perhaps for some symbolism that holds a personal meaning for both the bride and groom.
Many wedding ring buying tips give good advice when it comes to design selection. Couples can also choose to have a personal message engraved on the inner part of their rings as a perpetual reminder of their love. The ring is a symbol of eternity which itself symbolizes marriage, and there are other signs and symbols that can be incorporated into a ring's design. inscribed Claddagh or Celtic wedding rings, Jewish rings -- all these and more express in one way or another the sublime love of two people in love and who are about to make a commitment.
The ring plays a prominent role not only in the wedding ceremony, but also in the lives of the married couple. These men and women should take the time to learn about wedding ring buying tips; it's not only a good financial move, it's also an investment in their emotional future together.
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Wedding Rings - How to Choose a Perfect Ring

Selecting a wedding ring isn’t as easy as it looks. You are going to wear your ring for the rest of your life, so it should be something you won’t get tired of in a couple years. You will have to look at and try on many different rings before you come to a final decision and, being an intelligent consumer, you should know what your options are.
First, you will have to decide how much you can afford to spend. Then, with your budget in mind, choose the material you want your ring made of.
Wedding ring materials can be:
14K or 18K yellow gold, classic and still very popular for wedding and engagement rings
white gold, which is gaining popularity because it looks stylish and very modern. Also white gold can be worn with silver or platinum jewelry and it goes with most fabrics
platinum is one of the hardest metals, which in itself makes platinum a suitable symbol for enduring love. It is also very pure: while 18 K gold contains only 75% gold, most platinum jewelry is 95% platinum. Platinum rings look similar to white gold, are very elegant and stylish, don’t scratch and don’t loose their look with the passing years. Platinum rings are the most expensive but, considering that you will wear your ring for the rest of your life, that doesn’t really matter for many couples
titanium is long lasting, light and not very expensive, so it has recently became a very popular material for wedding rings. Titanium rings are similar in appearance to white gold rings but they are so light that you can hardly feel one on your finger. Titanium is a particularly popular material for men’s wedding rings
When choosing the material, think of what would work best with your clothes and the other jewelry you usually wear. Is your jewelry box filled with gold or silver? If your favorite pieces are silver, it is a good idea to get a white gold, titanium or platinum wedding ring. Alternatively, you could get two tone ring - usually made from white and yellow gold. This type of ring would match silver jewelry as well as gold.
Some women also want to match their wedding rings with their engagement rings. This is certainly something to take into consideration, if you plan to wear both rings on the same hand. Another option is to wear your wedding ring on the left hand and your engagement ring on your right hand - in which case they should probably still be the same color, but don’t have to match so closely.
Which wedding ring style to choose?
There are many styles available, so everybody can find a ring to suit their tastes. When it comes to style, though, the first thing you have to decide is if you both will wear similar rings or if each will select one that expresses his or her personality. The most popular styles are:
Traditional plain bands - even though they are plain, they will always be stylish and fashionable. These are also best suited for men who aren’t accustomed to wearing jewelry
Bands with beaded edges are a little more elaborate
Two-tone bands which can be worn with either gold or silver jewelry
Celtic wedding rings are really hot how. Covered with ancient knotwork designs, they look really stylish
Solitaire rings with a single precious stone
Solitaries with accents - rings with a large stone and several smaller stones around it
Channel diamond rings
The best gem stones for wedding rings
Diamonds are unbeatable favorites for wedding rings and with good reason - not only are diamonds the most beautiful and expensive of all precious stones, but they are also the hardest. Other hard stones are rubies and sapphires. Gemstones like amethyst or aquamarine are too soft, which makes them unsuitable for a wedding ring that you are going to wear every day.
No matter which style and material you chose, you want a ring that would be comfortable on your finger. For this reason it is always best to go with a ring that is smooth around the edges.
Tanya Turner is a wedding jewelry expert and a founder of, where you can find unbiased information about all types of wedding rings with pictures of most popular styles of wedding rings.
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The Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

A diamond ring is perhaps the most romantic gift that one can possibly give to a woman. The diamond ring for most people is a symbol of eternal and everlasting love, a love that will survive the hands of time. This is quite fitting as the diamond is the hardest element in the world.
Although the diamond ring did not come about until the turn of the 20th century because of the lack of supply, it has enjoyed considerable popularity among brides. In fact, a diamond wedding ring and a diamond engagement ring is considered as one of the essentials. Today, with the birth of new technology and the discovery of mining fields that supply diamonds, many can now afford the diamond ring for their loved ones.
Diamond rings come in all sorts of cuts and designs. One of the most popular is the princess cut and the brilliant cut, which can have more than 57 facets. One should also take into consideration the color of the diamond. The whiter the color, the more expensive it is. Another consideration is the clarity, which refers to the lack of imperfections in the stone.
With a lot of artisans and jewelry designers, there are perhaps a thousand styles to choose from, Victorian, Zen, Regency. One of the more modern styles is the one that uses the platinum as the setting. Unlike yellow gold and white gold, platinum has only gained ground in recent years. Brides are drawn to its unique color and luster. Platinum, in fact, is actually more expensive than gold.
This is because platinum is much harder to obtain and manufacture than gold or silver. In mining terms, it will take ten tons of ore to be able to produce an ounce of platinum. This is compared to the only three to four tons of ore that one needs to make an ounce of gold. In addition, there are also fewer platinum mines as compared to gold mines. In virtue of the laws of supply and demand, is it any wonder that the platinum diamond ring that you have been salivating for months now threaten to burn a hole in your pocket?
When selecting a platinum diamond wedding ring, it is important that you look for the signage or engraving that says PLAT or PT950. This means that the platinum is genuine and that it is 95 percent pure platinum. Without these, do not buy as you may be buying something that is not worth your money.
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Choosing A Diamond Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring can be the most fun part of the whole wedding process, second of course to the fitting of the wedding gowns.
When you think about it, a wedding ring is actually more important as this will be worn even after the wedding as a symbol of the couples’ love for each other. Choosing that symbol of love is therefore crucial.
For most people, diamond is the only option. Although there are some that choose emeralds, sapphires and other colored stones, most women still prefer the purity of the diamond’s color and brilliance. There is something about the diamond that beckons to the modern bride.
First stop is of course the price. If you do not have the budget, better settle for a simple wedding band in white gold. This is preferable than buying a diamond wedding ring that is yellowish in color or hazy in its brilliance. It is better to just save your money now and buy a quality diamond wedding ring later when you already have enough. Besides, who needs a diamond wedding ring that is tawdry and cheap looking.
In choosing a diamond wedding ring, here are the things that you have to take into consideration.
The clarity of the diamond wedding ring refers to the brilliance and shine of the stone. This includes the imperfections that can seen on the gem and if it is hazy in appearance. There are corresponding clarity scales for each diamond. When you buy, ask the clerk about this as the clarity is one of the things that will determine the value of the diamond you are going to buy.
The whiter the diamond is, the more expensive it is. Like the clarity, each diamond will have a corresponding color scale. Ask your clerk about this and make that you do not buy those in the yellow side.
This is perhaps the most popular property of the diamond as this corresponds to the size of the stone and the weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.05 grams. The bigger and the heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is of course.
The cut of the diamond is not really that crucial compared to other properties but some people prefer specific cuts. Among the cuts that they can choose from are the round, oval, pear, marquise, emerald and the princess cut, which may have cuts from 57 to 70 facets.
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Choosing a Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Weddings are definitely joyous but exhausting event. Aside from the basics like searching for a venue, the wedding dress, the reception and the like—one of the major considerations of countless couples who are planning to tie the knot is the their wedding ring.
Usually, most couples prefer a diamond wedding ring set because it is large enough to be worn by itself. For those who are much into rings, a diamond wedding set is perfect for you because it can serve as an engagement ring and the wedding ring all at the same.
Searching for that perfect diamond wedding ring can be stressful and strenuous because there are so many things to consider such as the beauty, shape, size, and cost. The best thing you can do is to trim down these options based on your personal preference and taste.
Here are some tips that can help you get by in searching for that dream diamond wedding ring set. First, you have to choose a diamond wedding ring set that suits your taste and of your fiancé as well. There are actually many settings of diamond wedding ring sets available in most jewelry stores today.
If you prefer simple ones, you can opt for a diamond wedding ring set that has contemporary or modern look like those rings with one main diamond surrounded by smaller stones. But if you want a grander one, you might want to look for diamond wedding ring sets that have intricate designs or have traditional and antique look.
Next, know what kind of metal you prefer and also determine its weight based on your budget. The most common setting of any diamond wedding ring set is gold—it can be white gold or yellow gold. Based on standards, fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either a 18-karat (K) which, consists of 18 parts pure gold with 6 parts other metals or a 14-karat (K) that has 14 parts pure gold combined with 10 parts of other metals.
If you’ve finally decided to use gold for your diamond wedding ring set, decide whether you want a 14-K or a 18-K. Most jewelers agree that a 14-K yellow gold will last longer over time compared to the 18-K yellow gold because it is harder. If you like white gold for your diamond wedding ring set, 18-K is the best because it is whiter, harder, and more resistant to scratches.
Other common option is platinum because it has remarkable appeal and could last longer. Since it’s more durable compared to gold, a diamond wedding ring set made of platinum can resist breakage, chipping, and cracking over time and most of all, it doesn’t cause any discoloration of the skin.
Lastly, consider the shape. The popular diamond shape for wedding rings is round or brilliant because they tend to sparkle more than other shapes. Other popular cuts for diamond wedding rings include baguette, emerald shape, heart shape, oval shape, pear shape, princess cut, marquise, and trillion wedding rings.
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Platinum Wedding Rings - the Latest Fashion

Traditionally gold wedding rings were the only options for couples. But recently platinum wedding rings gain more and more popularity. Platinum is a metal more precious than gold, and it has some practical advantages over gold as well. If you are looking for a contemporary platinum ring for your wedding there are several things you need to know.
You wedding ring is very special, because after the wedding it will always remind you how beautiful your wedding was. It is greatly important to choose wedding rings that you and your spouse will love and wear with pleasure for many years.
Advantages of platinum wedding rings
Platinum wedding ring provides an elegant and modernistic look that you usually can't achieve with gold. In the past platinum was usually mixed with gold, but these days you can get wedding rings made of pure platinum. When well polished, it sparkles as much as gold and have a really brilliant look. Unlike soft gold, platinum is a durable material which makes it ideal choice for a wedding ring. It can easily withstand household routine, and even if you constantly wear your ring 20 years after your wedding it will look the same as when you first wear it.
Another advantage is that platinum is a neutral metal and usually doesn't cause any allergic reactions. This is also very important for everyday wear.
Platinum wedding ring styles
There is a great variety of platinum wedding band styles. From simple plain bands, to elaborate wedding ring sets. You can get milgrain platinum bands, Celtic style rings, domed bands or channel diamonds bands. Platinum gives that modernistic look to your ring, so best platinum ring styles are simple, but elegant.
I suggest that you go for comfort fit wedding bands. After all, if you are going to wear your ring every day, comfort is as important as great look. Comfort fit bands are slightly curved on the inside.
Platinum diamond wedding rings
Platinum can be combined with any precious stone, but for wedding rings diamond is usually the choice. You can get a ring with a single diamond, platinum band with channel set diamonds or a platinum wedding ring set. Of cause platinum diamond wedding rings are the most expensive of all wedding rings so you should consider your budget.
Platinum wedding rings are trendy, stylish and practical. The only real disadvantage of platinum rings is their cost. However if you check several online jewelry shops you can find beautiful platinum rings on sale at reasonable prices.
Tanya Turner runs an online magazine called Guide to Wedding Rings . There you can find recent trends in wedding rings fashion as well as tips on selecting best wedding rings for your special day
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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring That Fits Properly As Well

The kind of ring you are wanting and the inventory of the jewelers will help you in choosing the perfect wedding ring. As you may already know, wedding rings come in many different metal types, platinum, white gold, or yellow gold, the choice is yours. When choosing the perfect ring, of course you want it to look perfect. However, you will also want it to feel perfect. When you have picked out the perfect one for your wedding, you will need to have it sized to ensure the fit is perfect as well.
When it comes to sizing a wedding ring, it could be a little tricky. You also need to schedule enough time to adjust the size if necessary. The following are a few tips that you should follow in order to get the perfect fit your ring.
The best situation for sizing your wedding ring is to ensure that the atmosphere is comfortable in regards to temperature and climate. Any variations rather too hot or too cold could increase or decrease your actual ring size. It is suggested that you do not size the wedding ring directly after purchase. The ring needs time to adjust to your finger; many people find that sizing is not necessary after wearing it for a few days. Temperature, climate, and activity all determine how well the ring will fit your finger.
If the ring you want must be sized, you can determine your ring size by visiting your local jewelry store, purchasing a ring sizer, or even using a string in your home.
It is possible to measure your own finger for ring size, however, it is best if you leave it to a professional. The string technique is not always accurate, therefore, should never be relied upon. Jewelers will often have their own trained employees and professional ring sizers to do this for you. This will ensure that you obtain the right size for your wedding ring. After all, the perfect wedding ring is not so perfect if it does not fit.
It is ultimately important that the ring sizer fit comfortably onto your finger, prior to authorizing the jeweler to make your wedding ring of that size. Have a fitting ring will ensure that your ring will not fall off or hurt your fingers because it is too tight. After proper sizing, the ring you have chosen will be completely perfect and you will feel confident in wearing in and in your choice.
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Wedding Rings Go Platinum

In the wedding market there is a trend that is leaving behind wedding traditions and going places where weddings have never gone before. You can see dress styles changing faster than a super model can fit into an elegant gown. Cakes are cutting loose, and brides are abandoning tradition for the new and contemporary looks.
Wedding rings are no exception, and although most wedding rings were made of gold, according to tradition, now wedding rings are getting a new look. Instead of the traditional gold wedding rings, there are now more and more couples that are going platinum with their wedding ring choices. There are various reasons that new brides and grooms are choosing platinum wedding rings.
Simple Elegance
One reason that many couples are deciding to go with platinum wedding rings is because of their modern, chic look that speak of simple elegance. These rings have a great sparkle to them and they stay looking great for many years, as well. Platinum is a great choice in wedding rings because it can easily withstand daily tasks like cleaning the house, being in water, and even some of the more rough, rigorous jobs that men deal with. If you are marrying a man that does heavy labor with his hands, platinum is a great choice.
Another reasons that many people choose platinum wedding rings is to avoid allergies. Some people have allergies to metals such as gold and silver and may not be able to wear rings containing those metals, but platinum rarely causes any allergic reaction in humans. If you want to avoid having allergy problems with your wedding rings, then, once again, platinum is the best choice.
Go in Style
While you may think that platinum wedding rings only come in a few styles, this is not true. There are many different styles of platinum wedding rings that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for wedding rings that are simple and elegant, or something that is a bit more elaborate, more than likely, you can find what you want in a platinum ring.
Many women especially like platinum wedding rings because they look so wonderful with diamonds. You can choose to have diamonds set in your wedding rings or you can just use them to look great alongside your engagement ring. Either way hey make an excellent choice, and the color of this metal plays up the beauty of a diamond. The only downside to buying platinum wedding rings with diamonds is that they can be expensive, but when you consider that you will be wearing these rings for your entire life, the price just may be worth it.
If you are getting married in the new future, you should consider platinum wedding rings for your big day. They are the newest trend in wedding rings, and they provide a look that is elegant and timeless. Platinum is a metal that will never go out of style, so make a great choice and choose platinum wedding rings for you and your groom.
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Titanium Wedding Ring- for the Future and Forever

You can say "forever" with just one ring - if you will make it a titanium wedding ring. "Forever" doesn't come with gold and a diamond, certainly - gold doesn't convey enough of the permanence the word was made to represent. Even if you leave the diamond for some other piece of jewelry - like a necklace, an earring or even a brooch, a single titanium wedding ring would speak of a lifetime commitment all on its own.
The chemical element Titanium (Ti) was named after the Titans, ancient mythological creatures who were more powerful than the Graeco-Roman gods. In fact, the Titans were supposed to have fathered some of the gods, who proceeded to grow in number. Think of titanium, then, as the father of all metals, which may be more popular than titanium... but at the same time inferior in integrity and strength.
The metal titanium is corrosion-resistant, even against salt water and chlorine, which wear away most other metals. Titanium also has a high melting point, which means it can withstand high temperatures and drastic weather changes without becoming tarnished or misshapen. For this reason, titanium is not generated by ordinary casting methods, but by powder metallurgy. It is also often used as a refractory metal. The supremely resistant properties of the element would make a titanium wedding ring basically indestructible.
In fact titanium is used for a variety of beauty and health care products. Some of the best eyewear in the world, for example, are made of titanium. These can be very expensive, but buyers will agree: the lifetime guarantee that comes with owning a titanium eyepiece is well worth every penny.
Zirconium is very similar in composition to titanium, hence zirconium-titanium combinations are used for many pieces of jewelry. A zirconium gemstone would make an attractive set for a titanium wedding ring, as its look is very similar to that of the diamond. In fact, the oxide of zirconium is processed to create the cubic zirconia, which creates the diamond.
Moreover, the titanium metal used for jewelry is hypoallergenic. Platinum and white gold are two other favorite choices for metals for the same reason. But if you're shopping around for the best metals for a special gift, you just can't go wrong with the strongest and most durable.
Many have said that titanium shapes the future of art. In fact a 150-foot (45 m) statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was made in Moscow, entirely of titanium! The ones who made the statue, as well as the ones who have gazed up at it, have no doubt that it will last forever. Your titanium wedding ring will certainly survive as long, and look no further if you want to prove that your love was made to last for all time
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Buying Diamond Wedding Rings

Traditionally most people opt for a plain gold wedding ring when getting married. However there are many beautiful diamond wedding rings available both in stores and online. Shopping wisely could also result in finding a bargain.
Diamond wedding rings are not only beautiful but are a rare natural resource that comes in different levels of quality.
If you have decided to buy a diamond wedding ring rather than a plain band there are a few things that need to be considered.
The most important and often forgotten is that the wedding ring will be worn on the same finger as the engagement ring, although this is not essential traditionally they are worn side by side. With this in mind it is important that they compliment each other.
If your engagement ring is large and contains either one big diamond or a large cluster of diamonds it would be a good idea to go for a more simple diamond wedding ring. A solid gold band with one or a few small diamonds would be perfect.
A diamond wedding ring could be costly so it is always wise to set yourself a budget before looking to avoid disappointment.
If you go to a jeweller be sure to tell them your maximum price that you are willing to spend and advise them you are not interested in seeing anything above your maximum price.
If you already have an engagement ring it would be a good idea to take it with you to show the jeweller so they can advise you which diamond wedding ring would look the best along side it.
Always ask if they have any sort of payment plan and make sure you work out any interest that will be added on to see if the plan suits you and your budget.
Purchasing matching diamond wedding rings for both yourself and your partner may seem easy as you are only looking for one style of ring however two people's opinions need to be taken into account, discuss with your partner the styles of diamond wedding rings you both like to avoid any arguments in a store.
Another important thing to remember when looking for diamond wedding rings is to make sure that the price shown on the ring is the price for the whole ring and not per diamond, some jewellers will price the stones separately.
You can always cut costs by looking at imitation diamond wedding rings, especially if you have over spent on the wedding its self, there is no reason why you can not later replace the ring with a real diamond wedding ring when you are in a better position.
Some stores sell imitation diamond wedding rings and you really would not be able to tell if they were fake or not and you could save yourself a lot of money.
Vicki Churchill writes for Finest Diamond Rings, a site that specializes in Diamond Rings & also Diamond Snake Rings, including how, where & what to buy.
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Types Of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a very special item of jewelry not only do they symbolise love, marriage, commitment and fidelity they hold history that dates back centuries. In fact years ago wedding rings were actually made from materials such as plants, grass and even hair.
Thankfully today wedding rings are made from stunning metals such as gold, titanium, platinum and white gold. They often have a gem stone like a diamond sapphire or ruby.
The most common wedding rings are the plain gold band although there are many other varieties. The standard plain band is sometimes not enough and more and more often people are turning their attention to more details and unique wedding rings.
Generally speaking most men do not wear an awful lot of jewelry and their wedding ring is possible the only ring they will wear. Therefore having something a little bit different can really look stunning and stand out from the rest.
Most mens wedding rings are made from platinum due to its strength and durability, however titanium is often overlooked and could prove a popular choice as this metal is not only strong but also holds less weight than other metals, making the ring lighter and easy to wear.
Everyone knows that wedding rings are worn on the left hand, however this isn not always the case, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Norway and other western countries wedding rings are often worn on the right hand.
If you are looking for matching wedding rings and want something a little different than the plain gold band but nothing too extravagant then there is always the option to have your wedding rings engraved. Having you wedding rings engraved with a personal message will make them not only unique but extremely personal to both you and your partner.
Remember if you do decide to have your wedding rings engraved they will not have much space for many words so most couples opt for having their pet names engraved or sometimes the couple's favourite song. Whatever you do decide to have engraved on your wedding rings this will be a special message between you and your partner.
To make your wedding ring unique in a different way could be to choose a diamond wedding ring and choose a color rather than the standard clear diamonds, what do you mean you did not know diamonds could be colored? Yes it is true, some diamonds are pink or blue and although stunning they are more rare than the clear diamond.
There are so many designs and different styles of wedding rings the choice is endless, it really is worth while spending some time researching these rings before purchasing one, shop around and if you decide to purchase a diamond ring bear in mind you can purchase the diamond and the ring setting separate.
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Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is worn by women who have accepted marriage proposals from their men. Men present this as a betrothal gift to a woman of their choice. Essentially, it indicates agreement by both parties to a marriage which can be set at any time. Although engagement rings are usually given by men to ladies, the practice of giving the same to a man by the lady herself is becoming common in the United States. Other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway and Denmark see both men and women wearing engagement rings. However in these countries, the men’s engagement ring also doubles as a wedding ring. The ladies usually receive a diamond wedding ring. Although rare, some men wear two rings, one as engagement ring and the other functions as a wedding ring.
In Germany, the engagement rings are frequently plain gold bands for both the men and the women. During the engagement period both parties wear the bands on their left hand. At the wedding ceremony, the same engagement rings are then used as wedding rings and to seal the marriage contract and the bands are moved from the right hand to the left.
Origin of Engagement Ring
Its introduction to society can be attributed to the Fourth Lateral Council by Pope Innocent III. This occurred in 1215 where the pope declared a waiting period from betrothal to marriage should be observed. With its practice, the believers saw it fit to use an engagement ring to indicate this change in status among practitioners and it has since gained acceptance across several cultures.
Why the Fourth Finger of the Left Hand
Most couples place their wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hands. This is the fourth finger next to the middle finger. In classic times, this finger is believed to house what is known as the vena amoris or vein of love. As such, most men and women find the practice of placing the rings on this finger both logical and romantic.
In other cultures, some people explain that the left hand is usually the weaker of the two hands so that placing the wedding ring on the left hand indicates additional strength one has gained from marrying couples such that “two become one.”
Breaking the Engagement
In some instances, the engagement fails so that the question now is “Should the lady keep the ring or return it?” There are several approaches to this. Should the man fail to make good his promise of marriage, the engagement ring can either be an unconditional gift where the lady gets to keep it regardless if the marriage occurred or not or traditional where the lady is under no obligation to return the ring as a sign of gentlemanliness. Should the cause of the break up be the lady, the man can demand the return of the engagement ring. But again the man has the option to let the lady keep it.
Engagement rings have withstood the test of time and many more couples are sure to find ways of showing their promise during each different stage of their relationship.
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The Wedding Ring

Because it was thought and relied on that the vein in the wedding ring finger went directly to the heart, wedding rings are customarily worn on the left ring finger. Today, that practice continues to exist although recent medical technology has demonstrated that the belief is absolutely wrong.
After the wedding ceremony, another tradition is observed in order for women to wear the wedding ring. They have first to transfer their engagement ring from the left hand to their right hand finger. Sometimes, this tradition is practiced when you purchased a bridal set consisting of wedding bands and engagement rings. Both the rings and bands are perfectly matched and can be worn separately or together.
There are many styles in these bridal sets, from interlocking bands, matching designs and a lot more. Usually, there will be a solitaire design with or without accents on one ring and a band with or without stones on another. A matching set is beautiful and there are many styles and patterns to choose from. Think practically when choosing between a solo and a set. This will be the greatest decision you will be making before you complete your dream marriage. Ask yourself if you like to wear two rings. Does this wedding ring set match your lifestyle or personal style? Think about daily wear and decide which type of wedding ring design would suit you.
Wedding rings, bridal jewelry sets and wedding bands are not just ordinary pieces of jewelry. They are the most important symbols of your commitment and love with each other. Shop and look at various styles and types if you want to choose wedding rings and other bridal jewelry not only for yourself but, of course, for your loved one too. Look for a wedding ring that you will keep and cherish eternally since rings are not only a statement of fashion, it is a pledge that should be kept for a lifetime for they bring messages of peace and unconditional love.
When choosing your wedding ring in various stores and shops, it’s not impossible to obtain thirty years of wedding ring experience in them. Jewelers have produced thousands of rings and have acquired their expertise on all of their experiences when creating wedding rings. You can find a wedding ring to wear as a stand alone ring or to match your engagement ring. Browse the net and look from the elegant collection of ladies wedding rings or two-tone wedding rings, gemstone wedding rings, selected ladies white gold wedding rings, titanium wedding rings and platinum wedding rings.
Each wedding ring is carefully designed and created using superior quality diamonds, metals and gemstones. In every purchase of a wedding ring, a craftsmanship and valuation warranty is often included. You can check if all the displayed wedding rings are available in finger sizes and in stock. If your desired ring style is out of stock, the company will create your ring for you based on in your finger size.
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Wedding Rings

In the United States and United Kingdom, women traditionally wore wedding rings much more than the men. Times have changed. Both men and women now wear wedding rings as a sign of their fidelity to each other. But for valid purposes, some occupations or jobs prohibits the wearing of wedding rings while at work such as those working in the police force, actors and electrical workers. Some people remove their rings for safety or comfort especially if their fingers have increased in size over time. An alternative could be wearing a wedding ring as a pendant on a necklace which still translates to the same marriage vows where people wear the rings on their finger.
How Wedding Rings for Couples Started
It was not clear when the practice for both partners to wear a wedding ring started. What is known however is the introduction of a marketing ad aimed at its use during the late 19th century. But even then, it did not attract wide public acceptance and use. It was only after World War II when the practice started gaining popularity and by 1940, around 80% of weddings saw the exchange of wedding rings among marrying couples. This is indeed a big jump compared to only 15% who practiced it before the Great Depression occurred.
Various Practices on Wearing the Wedding Ring
One practice of wearing the wedding ring is placing it below the engagement so that to some, it means it is closer to the heart. On the other hand, other people wear the wedding ring above the engagement ring because the wedding ring supposedly creates a seal of the engagement in the marriage. Others opt to wear the wedding ring alone as this indicates its special meaning to their current life.
The Making of the Wedding Ring
Wedding rings are usually made of gold alloyed with copper, bismuth and tin metals to produce a harder product. Some rings may also be created from white or platinum alloys to give a different shine. Titanium has also gained popularity as a material for wedding rings due to its unique qualities. It is affordable, durable and it comes in a gun metal gray color. In recent years too, tungsten carbide with platinum or gold inlays were also used as a material for wedding ring. Other less expensive materials such as nickel silver and stainless steel has become alternatives for wedding rings. However, aluminum, are almost never used while silver, brass and copper are rarely casted to create a wedding ring.
Styles and Fashion for He and She
The most popular kind of wedding ring is a plain gold band which comes in varying thicknesses and karats. Women usually get the narrower rings while men are given a broader ring for their wedding. Other rings have designs on them such that when placed in light, the ring reflects them in various directions giving them certain sheen. The ring could also be a combination of white and yellow gold to give it a distinctive appearance.
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Choosing a Perfect Wedding Ring

Selecting wedding rings is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your wedding. A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a sign of your love to your partner. And you are going to wear it for many years. How do you select the rings that are perfect for you and your loved one?
It is unlikely that both the bride and the groom will like the same style of rings, so it is important to find a compromise that would make both sides happy.
It might go against tradition, but shopping for a wedding ring together as a couple makes cense. This way both of you can see available styles, and find something that each likes.
What are your choices for wedding rings?
When it comes to wedding rings, choices are endless. Modern jewelers offer a great variety of materials and styles. You can get rings made of yellow or white gold, platinum, titanium or sterling silver. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Yellow gold is a classic wedding ring or band material. Titanium is durable, modern and fashionable, but along with platinum titanium rings are awfully expensive. Sterling silver is the cheapest, but it is not very durable, so if you plan to wear your wedding band on daily basis silver is not a good choice.
There are many styles as well - plain bands, antique and vintage wedding rings, Celtic style bands. You can get rings without any gem stones, or with jewels. Most popular of course are diamonds, you can get a single diamond ring or a diamond-encrusted band.
If you can't agree on the style that both like, consider buying not matching wedding rings. After all, everybody has different taste, and you will have to respects another person's preferences. Getting different wedding bands becomes more popular in the recent years; because this way each person can get the ring she or he likes the most.
Buying wedding rings at reasonable price
Wedding rings are not hard to find items; every jewelry shop has some to offer. Most stores have hundreds of different styles and catalogues for you to order your rings. So be prepared to go shopping for your rings in advance, so you have time for ordering the bands you like, rather than buying what is available in the store.
If you are looking to save money, department stores usually have good collections of wedding rings at reasonable prices.
You can also look for wedding rings online. There are many jewelry stores that sell wedding bands over the internet. The prices are usually better than in ordinary stores. And of course you can search many places sitting in your chair, instead of running all over the city chasing jewelry shops. After you find the material and the style of ring you like, check several online jewelry shops for prices.
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