The Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

A diamond ring is perhaps the most romantic gift that one can possibly give to a woman. The diamond ring for most people is a symbol of eternal and everlasting love, a love that will survive the hands of time. This is quite fitting as the diamond is the hardest element in the world.
Although the diamond ring did not come about until the turn of the 20th century because of the lack of supply, it has enjoyed considerable popularity among brides. In fact, a diamond wedding ring and a diamond engagement ring is considered as one of the essentials. Today, with the birth of new technology and the discovery of mining fields that supply diamonds, many can now afford the diamond ring for their loved ones.
Diamond rings come in all sorts of cuts and designs. One of the most popular is the princess cut and the brilliant cut, which can have more than 57 facets. One should also take into consideration the color of the diamond. The whiter the color, the more expensive it is. Another consideration is the clarity, which refers to the lack of imperfections in the stone.
With a lot of artisans and jewelry designers, there are perhaps a thousand styles to choose from, Victorian, Zen, Regency. One of the more modern styles is the one that uses the platinum as the setting. Unlike yellow gold and white gold, platinum has only gained ground in recent years. Brides are drawn to its unique color and luster. Platinum, in fact, is actually more expensive than gold.
This is because platinum is much harder to obtain and manufacture than gold or silver. In mining terms, it will take ten tons of ore to be able to produce an ounce of platinum. This is compared to the only three to four tons of ore that one needs to make an ounce of gold. In addition, there are also fewer platinum mines as compared to gold mines. In virtue of the laws of supply and demand, is it any wonder that the platinum diamond ring that you have been salivating for months now threaten to burn a hole in your pocket?
When selecting a platinum diamond wedding ring, it is important that you look for the signage or engraving that says PLAT or PT950. This means that the platinum is genuine and that it is 95 percent pure platinum. Without these, do not buy as you may be buying something that is not worth your money.
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